Services Provided

Free medical services for adults and children include care of:

  • Minor illnesses – colds, fever, cough, urinary tract infection, rash, headaches
  • Minor injuries – sprains, joint aches, minor wounds, minor burns
  • Chronic conditions – Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma
  • General physicals/well child exams
  • Periodic Vaccinations


Onsite pharmacy dispenses appropriate medication(s) as prescribed, excluding scheduled narcotics, contraceptives, and psychiatric medications.

Clinic Hours

The Rophe Free Clinic providers are volunteers who see patients every SATURDAY from 8am to 12pm, excluding holidays or other church functions. Our main care focus is to provide preventative and non-life threatening acute care as it is needed among the uninsured and underinsured in Pike Township. Patients eligible for medical insurance are identified and referred to appropriate resources.

Eligibility: Clinic patients must prove their residency in Pike Township via Driver’s License or State Issued ID, utility bill, or mail addressed to the patient or patient guardian. Proof of income may also be requested.

Please reach out to us for an appointment at 317-762-7889